Our history

The Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic Church started in 1979 as an indigenous church. This was after the fall of Idi Amin Dada the president of Uganda then. The infamous regime known for its hatred and persecution of the church had caused a few old ladies and some young men to commit themselves to prayer and fasting for the freedom of the church in Uganda. As the gatherings grew by each day, the Redeemed society of the Lord as it was later called became an increasingly influential congregation as it commanded respect for the love and passion it exhibited. It started to grow as many that visited its revivals, prayer and intercession meetings in the papyrus makeshift church structure embraced life transforming encounters.

The subsequent decline in persecutions, the church experienced significant expansion and growth in the capital Kampala. Before long, the congregation was a family to many. It quickly engaged in frequent door to door and market to market crusades making known the good news of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. It was also the time and place where many of the ministers in the nation today found spiritual mentorship and direction.

The 1980’s had a diversity of challenges. The fragile economy and politics of the day, high illiteracy levels, scarcity of food and clean water, poor drainage and sanitation, malaria and the new wave of HIV/AIDS and others such as these, greatly impacted on ordinary lives.

But for the church on the other hand, these days manifested spiritual revival that had never been recorded in our history. It was the time that the young church was endeavoring to reach its own people far and wide.

The 1980’s as a result saw various evangelistic missions national wide and the beginning of cross border missions especially in the eastern and central parts of the African continent.
The challenge in early the 1990’s, was to ably to teach the word (especially that cults and occults had risen) and addressing the diversity of peoples needs with balanced biblical perspectives. The church reached out by establishing ministerial departments for the old and young alike, students and professionals, married, single to mention but a few. In order to share skills and change lives among themselves, the church gave way for specially designed fellowships in these departments to enable learning and creativity.

By 2000 there were enormous developments. It was clear that the Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic church was inspired by God‘s love for humanity and had thereby prayed, evangelized, taught, and empowered people to maximize their potential and achieve their universal rights, basic needs and quality of life.

Today, the church has planted over 213 branch churches mostly in the districts of Kampala, Buwenge, Masaka, Jinja, Kamuli, Wakiso, Mpiji, Mbarara, Kabale, Hoima, Masindi, Mayuge, Mubende, Iganga, Mbale, Arua and Adjumani. It also has community development interventions through its Projects Coordination Office. With the help of several of its partners, the church continues to empower communities through sustainable development programmes focusing especially on children.

The Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic church headquarters are in Kampala Uganda, located on block 9 plot No.278 and plot No.184 Makerere Hill Road and Makerere Road respectively.

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