The time we read the budget was a memorable time, I came to church when I was not feeling fine but when Eng. Ssemugoma shared the word I went home when I was feeling healed and set free. I said to God that we can even double this budget. I watched a documentary on Aljazeera of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and how they started in high school and made lots of money.

Its time to allow the Holy Spirit to enlarge us. Have a vision that is beyond ourselves. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not get contented with what they had, they kept going forward and kept on going higher and higher. We should be stirred up to work harder than usual so that e maybe made better and become better people.

I thank everyone who participates in faithfully giving their tithe and offering. Thank you for being faithful and loving the Redeemed family. There are things we have not even fundraised for because people have been faithful in giving like the Land for Seeta Redeemed church and others.

DEUT: 14:2

God has given us wealth and our bank accounts are fat and yet we are lacking money in the church to run church programs. this makes believers miss their blessings.

LEV:27: 30

The tithe that is set a part for the Lord is Holy onto the Lord. If you have kept it and got an emergency and it’s the only money around, then you use it, you have to pay it back with 20% interest. This is what God expects. This is like a loan in the bank whereby the machines cut the money at the end of the month and if there is insufficient balance they will wait for when your account has money and remove the balance with a fine also known as interest for not paying on time.

If machines in the bank can do that how about the Holy God. We have to put in that extra for borrowing Gods money that we use.

God wants us to invest and start earning money while sleeping, God wants us to be like that and prosper if we obey his word. Stop having only 100,000/= on your account and get contented, when you do that you are limiting God. Always aim higher and higher and stop limiting God. Because if you get contented and yet you keep praying, your prayers are in vain.

Don’t get settled in a rental, aim at having a house of your own, aim at buying land, building rentals and settle for less. Don’t wait for things to get worse and then you start working on improving them, start now.

Let’s be faithful in giving our tithes because the church does not have any other income to run church activities other than your giving. This is why we read budgets show you how much you gave and how it was utilized.

I pray that you also become wise and work smart allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you in saving and giving, dress smart, talk smart and do whatever you do smartly even when you are using money do it smart.

Redeemed is blessed when you give and you become successful, 20188= is the year of celebrating Gods faithfulness, let’s be diligent in our giving and by the end of the year we shall be blessed.

Mathew 28:19-20

This greatest commission shall be fulfilled by your giving as we preach the gospel and souls come to Christ you will be taping into your blessing. May God bless you and increase you this year so that there maybe enough in his house.

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