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We thank God for the far he has brought us as a church in the area of projects. we have established projects coordination office which is the project arm of the Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic Church. We have started projects like;

  • Establish schools, childcare schemes and promotion of improved living conditions of the community.
  • Establish, operate, manage, and look after institutions of charity and providing care for children such as education etc.


Family Empowerment program(FEP)

FEP started in a baseline survey in2010 with 30 households and school project in given areas.Schools projects were used as agricultural demostration sites for training. The first phase started in Mbarara and Bussi island. Currently, the project is rolling out to help 100communities in each location. The ROLEC desires to promote efforts of women, men and children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS to cope with socio-economic challenes throughIGAs.


1. Enhance the economic capacity of the targetfamilies, so they are able to carry the cost of keeping their children in the ROLEC schools. This wiilldecrease the dependency level on external funding.

2. Introduce better farming techniques for increased food production, making sure that children are provided with adequate and proper food. This improve nutrition and health for the children.

3. Mobilize, train the communities to change attitude and enhance ownership and coordinate commuities as ameans of creating sustainable development.

4. Community banking to create a saving culture and empower communities for sustainable development.

5. Empowering thechildren atschools and at home to fully participate in the projectimplemetation for postchildren paticipation foe evntualowernship.


To contribute towards improved income and savings of households inROLEC supportrd communities, with a focus on child rights issues of education, adequate food and primaryhealth careby the year 2016.


(a)  Child rights of education

(b)  Food security and prevent malnutition

(c)  Promote Child participation

(d) Build a saving culture within the communities and empower the members to start other IGAs alongside the agricultural subsistence farming.

(e)  Train in Agro-forestry


The Dream Maker Ministry

The Dream maker ministry was started in Kanungu district through the efforts of Mrs. Walsh together with ROLEC;S project coordinator in 2005.

Kanungu is approximately 230 miles by road. Theremoteness by nature leads to limited access to social services. Families are characterized by poor health,  lack of shelter, poor acess tp water and sanitation,malnutrition,disease and a hgih infantandmaternalmortalityrateleading to a vicious cycle of poverty. Its against this abckground tha ROLEC has established a program to empower childrenthrough education and training beyond primary level.

Today the program offers education opportunites to133 children both orpaned andneedy ranging from primary 2 to seior 4

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