Amagala Masya Project

  • Amagala masya is a street childern’s rehabilitation and re-integration program currently running in Mbarara District, an initiative of ROLEC in partnership with Eriksjalpen. Amagala masya is a word from western Uganda denoting new life.
    This idea was birthed through an outreach exchange program between ROLEC and Vieback folk school in 2007 which started as a street outreach activity for the group under the leadership of Mr.Roland B.
    When ROLEC launched into this venture it was a new area of intervention, however we had clear directive from the Lord to love the children at the streets if we were to succeed in this program. Today our catch word is “I LOVE REIGNS SUPREME”.
    By November 2011 the center had fully supported, rehabilitated and resettled 22 former street children equipping them with dependable life skills so as to live normal, meaningful and profitable lives. In pursuit of high quality output, our center in Mbarara can’t contain more than 30 children, we are housing 26 former street children who are having a steady progress through the psycho-social rehabilitation program, and sure signs of victory can already be celebrated.
    At the same time ROLEC through Amagala Masya is reaching out to more than 200 other children currently living on the street and in diverse vulnerable situations, defending their rights, teaching their responsibilities, ministering hope and love with an undying faith that all these lives shall count.
    Its important to note that ROLEC doesn’t believe in institutionalizing children and has thus through Amagala masya designed two way approach to rehabilitation.
    1)  A four step rehabilitation plan which is:
  • Street presence
  • Weaning
  • Education and training
  • Homing

2)   S.T.O.P model: This engages both child and facilitator ensuring transformation for the youngsters. You are encouraged to visit our center in Mbarara to have a personal experience of the same.

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